Her life was an impossible balance of deep turbulence, complexity and extreme feelings until it happened. A severe illness brought Inés Figaredo into a coma which changed everything. She was born again determined to rebuild her world, to reinterpret reality.
A life without contention was a life in danger. A life of abstraction where the essence can easily escape and get confused and diluted for completely different things.
A frame. A vessel. A containment. The necessity became a compass. An obsession.
In her recovery period she started to see only things that where valuable or which needed to be contended. 
Certain images she needed to retain. So she drew her own imaginary handle to be able to take them with her.
Unconsciously she was drawing the basic and pure shape on a bag. Creating bags was a healing process. Departing from an elemental bag concept she incurred into the contradiction of turning them into decorative objects. As a white canvas to express ideas, scenes or emotions.
Handbags. Containers.. Bodies. Containers. Houses. Containers.