The Brand INÉS FIGAREDO was born from the deep need to create through intuition and the most hidden unconscious.

Starting from this necessity and origin, we opened the doors to rationality, since only through this; we are able to build our pieces. A singular and unmistakable language is created. Genuine.

We took the handbag and its true essence as our platform: the container. We constantly search for ways to push every boundary on our creative path without ever compromising on functionality.

In this, the sources where we drink consciously and unconsciously are sense of humor; the barriers separating the beautiful and the ugly; the absurd; past, present and future artistic movements; the ordinary and extraordinary, political and aesthetic messages.

The decision as to whether it makes sense or not to build a piece is driven by the consistency of our values from conception to construction.

We are like Ulysses on his way to Ithaca, tied to the mast while listening to the songs of sirens

We hear but we stand firm to our fixed course.